Experimental / Work in Progress


This is where i’m going to stick stuff that I require feedback on. Depending on how certain ideas / concepts are received will dictate whether or not I include them in my poster / t-shirt stores.


Just something im working on at the moment – The Crazy Gang – not a finished article yet, I need to get the different characteristics for each player sorted, build and height etc, but thought i’d throw it up here as a concept / work in progress to show what im currently up to.


I suppose you could include this as part of my faux campaigns series really. Basically i wanted to see what i could come up with for the website http://gay4soccer.com/ – see what you think, hopefully its a fairly self explanatory concept.


This is the first draft of an idea i’ve been playing around with for a while now. The subject matter is the film ‘Escape to Victory’, or ‘Victory’ for our American cousins. For this idea I’ve tried to incorporate Pele’s overhead kick (from the end of the film) into the barbed wire itslef, so that the central part of the wire becomes his legs, left arm, neck and head. Hopefully if you look at it long enough you will see what im driving at. Feedback would be very welcome.


Here’s the latest incarnation of the George Best piece i’ve been working on. The decision I’ve taken is to try and work a few stereotypical images into it, birds, booze, fast cars, that kind of thing.

I suppose I’d like the finished piece to look a bit like the classic Bond posters of old, but in the mean time, here’s how its looking so far.


This is an idea I had for Euro 2012 – I was interested in the French national teams nickname (The Blues), so decided to represent their starting 11 via ‘hexadecimal’ shades of blue.

I’ve included an oversized version so people can see what each card says, which is basically the hex colour / value / shade, the tournament, the national team name, the players position and the individual players name (in the oversized version its the keeper – Lloris).

If this particular piece is popular i was thinking of doing something similar for the Dutch e.g. De Oranjes with corresponding players / hex codes etc.