Bound to Score – A Football Experiment

Do footballers have a better chance of scoring when playing against their former clubs? This season in association with Paddy Power I aim to find out. Every Saturday (with your help) I’m going to place a number of bets on games involving returning players. The bet, of course, will be for those players to score, I’ll list the likely candidates each week before throwing it open to Twitter (@miniboro_dotcom) to see where I should be putting my money. You can follow my progress or get involved using the hashtag #BoundToScore

With only one win in the first five weeks of the project (Frank Lampard vs. Chelsea), I decided it was time to bring in the big guns, namely the encyclopedic knowledge of Opta Sports. Not only did they offer to help, they’ve provided me with a custom made spreadsheet containing over 4000 players and their former employers. It spans all 92 clubs and is going to prove invaluable over the next few weeks / months. The comeback starts here.


For those that don’t already know, Favourite Things This Week is The Guardian’s weekly round-up of the best sports articles from around the web. I was extremely pleased to see my #BoundToScore project alongside such heavyweights as Grantland, In Bed With Maradona and Vice Sports. I’ve been told there should be a follow up to this article posted later in the season, so stay tuned.








Bound to Score - A Football