Adidas (The Brand with the 3 Stripes)

“Steve Welsh is the artist behind miniboro.com his work is well known and very popular among football fans and influencers alike.”

Four Four Two (International Football Magazine)

“We recommend a good trawl round Steve’s website. Whether it’s Dennis Bergkamp as a Top Gun-style Ice Man, a clever diagram about the Cruyff turn or simple, striking images of John Barnes and Mario Balotelli, his art is packed with wit and imagination. Intelligent, fun and highly original.”

UMBRO (Iconic Football Tailors)

“A website that mixes words and visuals to terrific effect, it’s a gem of a site for fans of any club. The first thing you’ll notice is the cracking creative visuals of footballers both classic and modern, but there’s also some great interviews. The chat with Bob Mortimer in particular is a great read.”

FHM (International Men’s Magazine)

“The days of making do with tasteless footy posters from Woolworths or prising them out of Match and Shoot centrefolds are long gone!”

It’s Nice That (Design Collective)

“There is a huge group of football supporters who are creatively aware and crying out for a different kind of engagement with the game. Steve’s work adopts an intelligent take on things, something the Homesick Project does very successfully”

Edgar Davids (former Netherlands midfielder)

“That’s hard! Very creative. You think outside of the box, who do you work for?”

IBWM (InBedWithMaradona)

“He is as close to Picasso as football will ever get.”

Kay L Murray (Broadcast Journalist for Real Madrid TV)

“An absolute delight of a site, which is a must-read / see for all true football lovers, whether they’re Boro fans or not. Spent my morning drinking tea and reading the interviews. The illustrations are awesome too. One of most original sites I’ve seen in ages.”

George Caulkin (The Times)

“Gorgeous designs, all of them.”

The New York Cosmos (Legendary Football Club)

“That Cantona illustration was fantastic, striking visuals.”

James Horncastle (European Football Writer and Columnist)

“An evocative football illustrator”

Sarah Flotel (Editor of HotScore.tv)

“That is one beautiful website, one of the best I’ve seen. I’ve fallen in love with the artwork.”

Barry Glendenning (Deputy Sports Editor at the Guardian)

“Love this guys stuff.”

Daniel Gray (Author of football travel log Stramash)

“What an utterly superb site. I am going to lose hours to this.”

The Swiss Ramble (Footballs Business End)

“Wow, a glorious collection.”

Karl Smout (Editor of Footysphere)

“His football illustrations tick every box.”

KCKRS (Footy Collective)

“Obsessive fandom with style, passion and really cool art”

Chris Mann (Editor of the The Equaliser)

“If you’re into football with an artistic twist, there are some excellent illustrations over at miniboro.com”

Brian Philips (Editor of Run of Play)

“Cool archive of Middlesbrough fanzines from the late ’80s and early ’90s.”

The Two Unfortunates (Non-Partisan Voices of Reason)

“Really? Can there be a more nicely designed website than miniboro.com? Superb.”

Danny Last (Former Manager of EFW)

“Your work on IBWM has cemented your place at the top of the internet art school (A+) .”