Calcios Greatest Forwards – Cover Art

This was a commission for George Rinaldi who wanted a very specific look and feel for his debut book, with Silvio Piola from the 1940s shaking hands with modern day legend Francesco Totti. It also includes artwork from one of my own favourite artists Paine Proffitt

The book can be bought from Pitch Publishing or directly from Amazon.

Book Description:

Calcio’s Greatest Forwards devotes a chapter to each of the 21 best strikers to have graced L’Italia since 1929. It delves deep into the back stories of the finest attackers in Serie A history; from Gigi Riva’s historic Scudetto with Cagliari; to Roberto Boninsegna and an infamous incident involving a Coca-Cola can; to the modern era, and the Divine Ponytail Roberto Baggio. George Rinaldi explores the fine careers of these footballers and it is one place where Silvio Piola doesn’t come first.

Calcios Greatest Forwards - Cover
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