Hugo Sánchez – Cut Here

For me, whenever the name Hugo Sanchez crops up there’s only one thing that goes through my mind… and that’s ‘Scissor Kicks’. Type the name Hugo Sánchez into YouTube and you will be presented with an endless list of outrageous acrobatic goals. I wanted to try and highlight this skill and emphasise his ability to execute a scissor kick from what seemed like any angle. So i opted to use the stitching of an Adidas Tango making it look like the dotted lines of a ‘cut here’ print you often see on various bits of packaging.

To put into context the effect Sanchez had on people, one of his trademark overheads prompted former Real Madrid manager Leo Beenhakker to say:

They should change the rules after a goal like that, you might as well stop the game, send the players to get changed and all go home

Hugo Sánchez – Cut