Sense and Sensi-bility

This project began life in the experimental area of my site, essentially I wanted to recreate football’s greatest moments in a Sensible Soccer style. The first piece i did paid homage to Maradona vs Belgium from 1982, but I soon wondered how easy it would be to bring these images to life and create entire sequences. The animations you see below are the ongoing results of that investigation.

ZAIRE vs. BRAZIL (1974)
An iconic and often misunderstood moment from the 1974 World Cup. For those unaware of the backstory to this game, I would strongly recommend taking a look at this article from David Fox via State of the Game – whilst for any pedants among you – here’s the original footage to use as a cross reference.

Obviously the 1990 World Cup had it’s fair share of iconic moments and images to choose from. But it’s this masterclass in cynicism that earns Benjamin Massing a special place in my heart. If you’ve never seen the original incident before then feast your eyes on this.

Sense and