Highbury – Gillespie Road

I recently teamed up with football author Paul Smith regarding a project I had been considering for some time. My aim was to create a series of posters focussing on English football stadiums that are no longer with us. Paul kindly agreed to let me use some of the source materials / maps he and his wife had collected over the years during his own research.

Having launched the series with Maine Road, I received an overwhelming demand to tackle Highbury next. So I decided to make it the second ground in this (hopefully) long running series.

Incidentally, the quote shown in the bottom right-hand corner is that of Herbert Chapman, who, during his quest to change the name of Gillespie Road Tube Station to Arsenal, famously said:

Whoever heard of Gillespie Road… It’s Arsenal around here

The date shown, for those that are interested, coincides with the erection of the North Bank roof by the way.

Highbury - Gillespie Roadsteve.welsh@gmail.com
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